Source code for cookiecutter.extensions

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Jinja2 extensions."""

import json
import string

    # Python 3.6 and above
    from secrets import choice
except ImportError:
    from random import choice

from jinja2.ext import Extension
from slugify import slugify as pyslugify

[docs]class JsonifyExtension(Extension): """Jinja2 extension to convert a Python object to JSON.""" def __init__(self, environment): """Initialize the extension with the given environment.""" super(JsonifyExtension, self).__init__(environment) def jsonify(obj): return json.dumps(obj, sort_keys=True, indent=4) environment.filters['jsonify'] = jsonify
[docs]class RandomStringExtension(Extension): """Jinja2 extension to create a random string.""" def __init__(self, environment): """Jinja2 Extension Constructor.""" super(RandomStringExtension, self).__init__(environment) def random_ascii_string(length, punctuation=False): if punctuation: corpus = "".join((string.ascii_letters, string.punctuation)) else: corpus = string.ascii_letters return "".join(choice(corpus) for _ in range(length)) environment.globals.update(random_ascii_string=random_ascii_string)
[docs]class SlugifyExtension(Extension): """Jinja2 Extension to slugify string.""" def __init__(self, environment): """Jinja2 Extension constructor.""" super(SlugifyExtension, self).__init__(environment) def slugify(value, **kwargs): """Slugifies the value.""" return pyslugify(value, **kwargs) environment.filters['slugify'] = slugify