Case Studies

This showcase is where organizations can describe how they are using Cookiecutter.


Building Python tools for platforms like mobile phones and set top boxes requires a lot of boilerplate code just to get the project running. Cookiecutter has enabled us to very quickly stub out a starter project in which running Python code can be placed, and makes maintaining those templates very easy. With Cookiecutter we’ve been able to deliver support Android devices, iOS devices, tvOS boxes, and we’re planning to add native support for iOS and Windows devices in the future.

BeeWare is an organization building open source libraries for Python support on all platforms.


Anytime we start a new project we begin with a Cookiecutter template that generates a Django/Wagtail project Our developers like it for maintainability and our designers enjoy being able to spin up new sites using our tool chain very quickly. Cookiecutter is very useful for because it supports both Mac OSX and Windows users.

ChrisDev is a Trinidad-based consulting agency.


OpenStack uses several Cookiecutter templates to generate:

OpenStack is open source software for creating private and public clouds.