Boolean Variables

New in version 2.2.0.

Boolean variables are used for answering True/False questions.

Basic Usage

Boolean variables are regular key / value pairs, but with the value being True/False.

For example, if you provide the following boolean variable in your cookiecutter.json:

    "run_as_docker": true

you will get the following user input when running Cookiecutter:

run_as_docker [True]:

User input will be parsed by read_user_yes_no(). The following values are considered as valid user input:

  • True values: “1”, “true”, “t”, “yes”, “y”, “on”

  • False values: “0”, “false”, “f”, “no”, “n”, “off”

The above run_as_docker boolean variable creates cookiecutter.run_as_docker, which can be used like this:

{%- if cookiecutter.run_as_docker -%}
# In case of True add your content here

{%- else -%}
# In case of False add your content here

{% endif %}

Cookiecutter is using Jinja2’s if conditional expression to determine the correct run_as_docker.

Input Validation

If a non valid value is inserted to a boolean field, the following error will be printed:

run_as_docker [True]: docker
Error: docker is not a valid boolean