Human readable prompts

You can add human-readable prompts that will be shown to the user for each variable using the __prompts__ key. For multiple choices questions you can also provide labels for each option.

See the following cookiecutter config as example:

    "package_name": "my-package",
    "module_name": "{{ cookiecutter.package_name.replace('-', '_') }}",
    "package_name_stylized": "{{ cookiecutter.module_name.replace('_', ' ').capitalize() }}",
    "short_description": "A nice python package",
    "github_username": "your-org-or-username",
    "full_name": "Firstname Lastname",
    "email": "",
    "init_git": true,
    "linting": ["ruff", "flake8", "none"],
    "__prompts__": {
        "package_name": "Select your package name",
        "module_name": "Select your module name",
        "package_name_stylized": "Stylized package name",
        "short_description": "Short description",
        "github_username": "GitHub username or organization",
        "full_name": "Author full name",
        "email": "Author email",
        "command_line_interface": "Add CLI",
        "init_git": "Initialize a git repository",
        "linting": {
            "__prompt__": "Which linting tool do you want to use?",
            "ruff": "Ruff",
            "flake8": "Flake8",
            "none": "No linting tool"